Mokslo pietūs / Academic Lunch with Nataša Lacković


On the 24th of May at 12 p.m. Dr. Nataša Lacković will present her research on „Inquiry Graphics“: A multimodal, Peircean and Edusemiotic approach to graphic Higher Education research and practice“. The „graphic“ focus in this seminar is on digital photography, with some considerations of illustration, as a part of multimodal assembles.

Multimodal methods offer analytical frameworks, templates and software to analyse image-text and video data. However, multimodal methods and analysis has been scarcely linked to semiotics and semiotic theory in and of Education (Edusemiotics), for the purpose of exploring Higher Education studies. The IG links multimodality and Edusemiotics primarily via Charles Sanders Peirce (1974; 1991)’s triadic sign (Representamen-Interpretant-Object) and the triadic quality of sign’s interpretation as rheme, dicent and argument, starting from the „icon“ (the iconicity of graphic representations).

Dr. N. Lacković will provide examples from her own work and a piece of collaborative work. Although IG is introduced as targeting Educational research and practice, it is essentially a relational and interdisciplinary approach that foregrounds socio-cultural nature of human interpretation and the importance of inquiring visual representations. The approach adds to the body of research that call for action in response to the crisis of the Arts and Humanities, also perceived as the crisis of Education (Martinelli, 2014). I hope that IG can be expanded to many fields, levels and subjects, cross-disciplinary, cross-culturally, nationally and internationally. Via this seminar, Dr. N. Lacković hopes to forge lasting relationships, research and practice-based collaborations with colleagues at Kaunas University of Technology.


Dr. Nataša Lacković is a Lecturer at the Educational Research Department, Lancaster University, UK. She is a Co-Director of Lancaster University’s  “ReOPeN”, a network focusing on the role of graphic representations (e.g. images, illustrations, graphic novels and comics) in university research, outreach and pedagogy. Her main research and teaching interest is in the field of graphic/visual, digital and multimodal methods and theorisation in Higher Education research and practice. This includes a wide range of views and authors, including C.S Peirce, Critical Theory, multi-modality/literacies, and the emerging fields of Edusemiotics, Numanities, and Post-Humanism/ Digital/Truth. Having worked on a number of joint and co-funded Higher Education projects, her publications up to date reflect her interest in the learning, experiences and being of HE students and questions of knowledge resources and development. She is currently producing foundational outputs from the aforementioned personal research focus as linked to graphic HE, including the outputs led by and generated collaboratively with her doctoral students, in various context and tackling a range of educational questions.

The seminar will be hold on the 24th of May at 12 pm in Design Thinking Space (room 110).


Hallewell, M. J., & Lackovic, N. (2017). Do pictures ‘tell’a thousand words in lectures? How lecturers vocalise photographs in their presentations. Higher Education Research & Development, 36(6), 1166-1180.

Lackovic, N. (forthcoming-2018), Analysing videos in educational research: an “inquiry graphics” approach for multimodal, Peircean interpretation of video data, Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy

Lackovic, N. (forthcoming/in preparation) “Inquiry graphics”: a multimodal, Edusemiotic approach to graphic Higher Education research and practice; a monograph.

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gegužės 24 d., 2018 12:00 - 13:00

A. Mickevičiaus g. 37-110

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