Earth Day

Research group Civil Society and Sustainability  invites you to celebrate Earth Day by participating in Eco-challenge week and discussing the experience of it in an informal event Change a habit – Change the Earth.

1. Eco-challenge week. April 19-26, individually

Challenge: Accept one of the following challenges, which you will perform for the whole week (April 19-26):

  1. Give up the car.
  2. Use cold water instead of hot.
  3. When you go shopping, look for ecological alternatives.
  4. When you go grocery shopping, look for local food products.
  5. Give up printing.
  6. Do not waste any food.
  7. Give up animal products.
  8. Use only natural daylight.
  9. Use cloths instead of paper towels.
  10. Be active on your social media about environmental issues.
  11. Turn off all electronic devices during the night (including wifi box).
  12. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  13. Go make-up free.
  14. No take-aways in single-use containers.
  15. Go for a walk every day and pick up at least one piece of trash on your way.

2. Informal event Change a habit – Change the Earth
Live and informal discussion together with other participants of the eco-challenge week and other activities on the 27th of April, 17:00, room 203, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. The event will be held in English.

How to participate:

Pictures: Take at least one picture illustrating your experience during the eco-challenge week.

Description: At the end of the challenge week describe your experience in a few sentences and separately indicate what was your challenge. During the meeting we will be guessing what kind of challenge was chosen by that person.

Sending information and registration: Please register by filling in the form below, upload your challenge pictures and write short descriptions in the registration form. Registrations are welcome until 26th of April, 12:00. Registration to the event is required.

Important notes: (i) You can use the list above as inspiration (e.g., you might decide that you will not use a car only for certain trips) or you can come up with your own challenge which is not mentioned in the list. (ii) You should choose a challenge which you do not normally incorporate into your daily life (e.g., if you never use a paper towel, you shouldn’t choose a challenge to use cloths instead of paper towels).

Please note that most important thing of all – to have fun during this process!

19 balandžio d. 08:00 - 27 balandžio d. 19:00

203 aud., A. Mickevičiaus g. 37, KTU Socialinių, humanitarinių mokslų ir menų fakultetas

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